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The reviews are in! Check out what the critics are saying about Jill and her new show “City on a Hill”!

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Executive produced by Tom Fontana, Jennifer Todd, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Barry Levinson and created by Chuck MacLean, City On A Hill goes back to the Boston of 1992 as ambitious Assistant D.A., played by Underground alum Hodges, and degenerate New Frontier inspired FBI agent, portrayed by the I Love Dick star Bacon, team up to clean up the metropolis’ corruption.

In addition, the 10-part Showtime series has a great Bill Clinton zinger that everyone should appropriate for the 2020 election and an excellent supporting cast including what should be award-winning turns from Jonathan Tucker and Jill Hennessy.


Across the first three episodes, we meet many characters in each of these worlds. Some are more hackneyed than others, but generally the big cast — including Jill Hennessey as Jackie’s neglected wife — gives the show a welcome sense of sprawl, just as it did on “The Wire.” If “City on a Hill” can continue to develop all these characters, making sure each grows more defined as the bigger storylines overlap, the drama could turn out well. It gives us a vision of an American city before 9/11, when the biggest threats came from within.


The underrated Jill Hennessy is excellent as Jackie’s wife Jenny, a woman who may be realizing that anti-heroes make shitty husbands,


Female characters in crime dramas are sometimes an afterthought to all the testosterone on display — unless the writing and the actress can hold her own with the bad guys… “It’s a traditional crime story, but the complexity of our female characters makes the show stand apart,” says executive producer Jennifer Todd. “It’s where some of the more original storylines are coming from.”

One of the chief beneficiaries of this development has been Jill Hennessy, who plays Jenny Rohr, wife of Kevin Bacon’s FBI agent Jackie Rohr, and has her best role in some time.


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“I DO is one of the best albums of 2015” Walter Price wrote a brilliant review of my new album “I DO”

Jill Hennessy I Do

Jill HennessySomething’s comin’, come to free your soul….

by Walter Price


Singer/songwriter Jill Hennessy is mostly known for her acting on Law & Order and her star turn on Crossing Jordan. What she should be more widely recognized for is her music career, you see, that is where it all started…Busking in the streets of Toronto as a 17 year old explorer.

Hennessy has just released her second album ‘I Do’ and it is a collection of life’s true stories, real emotions, tangible soul stirring vignettes of struggle, sacrifice, love,revival, abandonment, tolerance and acceptance to speak of a few story-lines. The power in this album is the songwriter’s experiences laid out in depths and realism that many artists work full careers or even lifetimes trying to achieve. This album forgoes arrogance deciding instead to focus on not just the stellar construction of the songs and subsequently the full album but to let honesty work its gritty magic.

For a Canadian who resides in New York to capture the atmospheres of steadfast Texas sounds with hints of classic rock and so many of the great timeless singer/songwriters history has given us is more delicious icing on the cake for ‘I Do’.All 11 tracks surpass expectations but if you want to sample the authenticity in Hennessy’s heartfelt wares try for yourself a sampling of “Something’s Comin’”, “Aimee”, “Save Me” and “Edmonton”.

(Well worth noting the guest names that appear on this album; Will Sexton (Roky Erikson/Steve Earle), Dony Wynn (Robert Palmer/Dr. John) and Kym Warner (The Greencards))

‘I Do’ is an important album for humans who feel and are trying to work through what they are living.




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